Make Your Myth

Discover how you unconsciously create the story of your life, and learn how to use the magic of journaling to remake the myth of you, heal your past, and build the future your dharma whispers is your responsibility to make.


I'm Erick Godsey

I've spent the last decade studying, teaching and now coaching all things Psyche.

I first discovered the power of journaling at 25 when I found myself bedridden from a back spasm as my relationship of three years was ending. Journaling saved my life and then showed me how to create the life I now live (podcaster, author, and full-time coach).

This 30 day course will help you make journaling a daily practice, with journal prompts everyday, and every week I'll share one of the four most powerful writing techniques I've found in my research to understand your stories, heal your past, and create your ideal future.

Take some time to read and watch what other people have got from this course below.

Hope to see you inside.

What This Course Will Teach You

1 - How to create and keep a daily journaling practice.

2 - How journaling will help you begin to be truly honest with yourself.

3 - How this self-honesty will connect you to the god inside you.

4 - How to use Expressive Writing to heal trauma.

5 - How healing trauma through expressive writing frees the life-energy that heals you.

6 - How writing about your ideal future makes you more resilient to the suffering of life.

7 - How the Greek gods are real and Prometheus is in you right now.

8 - How to create your Goal Pyramid, which will help you manifest your dream life.

9 - How to use the modern science of Behavior Change to take this vision of your future and actually implement it.

10 - That you are a god here to serve, and as you order yourself, you heal the world.

It's honestly dope.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Jinica:- says

"Erick has such a beautiful way of sharing his ideas that are tangible for me to digest. 

Realizing how long my Daemon has been with me was inspiring to realize.

Connecting to my ideal future self was something that I have been experiencing a lot of resistance to, but allowing myself to really connect to that idea during this workshop, and then writing it out, and then having to share that with our partner was very powerful and I definitely felt a shift within me."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


“I always met journaling with resistance... that is before I took Erick Godsey’s “Make Your Myth” journaling course. 

In the course, Erick breaks down how to journal, why journaling is important, and structures the prompt in a sequential format to uncover what’s lying beneath the surface. 

The prompts, especially at the beginning, have helped me to address parts of my psyche that I didn’t know wanted attention. Since completing the course, I’ve made journaling a near daily practice and it’s something I have come back to again and again when I get stuck, depressed or am facing a massive wave of anxiety. I highly recommend taking this course, thank you Erick!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


"I found Erick’s journaling course during the peak of the covid lock down. I was an unemployed anesthesiologist swirling in a wind storm of emotions.

It was Kathedra and the steps involved that identified the emotions, thoughts and feelings plaguing my mind. I started to identify the stories I had created that no longer served me, stories that held me back, that hid the truth from me. The release of the anger, the unloading of the pain has given me peace I did believe was possible. I have been able to see for the first time the truth of who I am and the path I am taking.

Thank you Erick for the tools I needed to move forward in truth. I didn’t realize the heaviness of the burden I was carrying."

And Joanna said:

"When I found your course, I was halfway into a 6 month withdrawal from Lexipro, had just experienced a traumatizing heartbreak, and, like the rest of the world, was dealing with a tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty with Covid.  Making Your Myth came into my life as a profound synchronicity.

Had I not learned about internal family systems through your teaching, I wouldn't have had the tools I needed to parent myself through all of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma that was taking place simultaneously. I took the knowledge I learned from your course and applied it consistently in my meditation practice, as well as my art practice. These integrative modalities fed off of one another and helped me find my centering power.

Now 8 months later, through my continuous commitment to visit my deepest, darkest places and extend love to all the parts of myself that I'd suppressed or ignored, I've now experienced what feels like a complete internal metamorphosis, filled with synchronicities, and heartbreakthroughs. I’m living my dreams more and more each day, and feel like I've finally arrived.

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What You'll Get


30 Journal Prompts

Everyday you'll get one prompt to help guide you in your self-exploration.


4 Scientifically Validated Exercises

My background is Cognitive Psychology, and although I can get weird, I back it up with scientific studies. You'll get the best of both worlds.


No Bullshit Refund Policy

If you don't think it's worth it, email my team, and we'll take care of you. No bullshit.


Access to the Discord Server

You'll get access to our Discord Server where you can connect with other journaling weirdos.


Free Access to Future Versions

I intend to upgrade this course every year, always tweaking it to make it as dope as possible, it will likely get more expensive in the future, and you'll only pay this one time at the current price.

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Erick Godsey is a person who was born with a purpose. And that purpose is to codify the way that the mind works with the heart to help people unlock their unique purpose in life. It's been an honor to work along side him on our shared mission.".”

Aubrey Marcus | Founder of Onnit and Fit For Service


We've got A's for your Q's

How long do I get access to the course?

Until the heat-death of the Universe or when we merge with Artificial Intelligence, whichever one comes first.

What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

There is a 100% money-back promise if you don't feel the content is worth more then what you paid. Just email and are team will issue you a refund.

Why do I only have access to the first module?

Every day the next module will unlock, this is to force us to slow down and do the exercises each day. A steady journaling practice over 30 days will transform your life more than reading everything in one or two days and journaling sporadically when you feel motivated.

Uh, What is this course even about?!

This is a 30-day course that will show you how to use journaling to connect to the god-like guide inside you the Greeks called your 'Daimon,' and once you make that connection, you basically become a bad-ass dream-manifesting demi-god. It's dope.  

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